Why did Jesus Christ say “Take no thought”
no less than five times?
The way you take no thought can only be done in meditation.

It may surprise you that Jesus was talking about meditation, this is what made him a mystic, a Nazarene, a very radical person, he is saying in order for you to really find the essence of God and become one with God you have to enter within yourself, Churches cannot do it for you, religion cannot do it for you, the Bible cannot do it for you, singing hymns cannot do it for you, prayer can not do it for you, what you have to do is find that holy place within yourself and allow your consciousness to rise and touch the heart which is the God within you. This is what religious leaders of that day said is deceit. And that is exactly what they say this day.

What we have to do then is to start to take this scripture within you, apply it to yourself. Those that warn you about meditation are not concerned that you are being deceived. Those that warn you about searching for Christ within are concerned about losing control over your life. They are concerned that suddenly you are going to understand, that suddenly you are going to know, suddenly you are going to assert yourself as an individual, as a God individual, as a Christ individual and they are afraid.

All you have to do is understand Jesus Christ and submit yourself to the inner mediation of rising your consciousness above the thoughts of the carnal mind which is not subject to the law of God and cannot obey the law of God.

  • Take no thought that means – ‘meditation’
  • Cast your net to the right side that means – ‘meditation’
  • The Kingdom of God is within you seek it, that means – ‘meditation’
  • Enter the closet and close the door that means – ‘meditation’
  • You take away the key of knowledge because you do not enter within yourself that means – ‘meditation’


What did Jesus Christ mean when he said “If your eye be single, your body will be filled with light”.


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