To allow one self to delve into the origins of creation is fraught with challenge, trial and suffering.

This follow up is an attempt to relate to you my human experience of my awakening to volunteer; to take on this mission. My human emotions are tears ebbed away by the joy in the knowledge that has been revealed to me by the spirit of this creation. It is in part a struggle not between good and evil but of truth in reality.

The reality would be that if I passed to the other side tomorrow as a human I would feel content that I have made a contribution to the evolving consciousness of the spirit on those that rejected the awakening, those who sought to be part of the will of man and carry favour in this spirits ultimate plan.

The truth would be to know that I have been able to survive the challenge, the trial and suffering to take on this mission with the knowledge that in this beginning I have no one on my side except the truth, the spirit, and the Christ consciousness.

My awakening began with the skip of the Earth’s heartbeat, with the shudder of the human collective breath that the event of 9/11 forced on our existence. Such was the impact on our collective consciousness that as I was sleeping in my chair in-front of a television displaying the event I literally opened my eyes to see the first tower alight. I remember it being an innocent awakening not quite sure of the imagery as many say that it looked like it was a movie. I remember calling someone to see if it was real when the second plane hit the second tower.

For the following many days I was glued to the commentaries, I was aghast at the confusion this event created and the blatant misinformation that was being convoluted and presented to the masses.

What stood out for me was the egocentric reaction of the then President of the United States, the self pity and revenge that the nation was expressing. There was little insight evident from the majority of the people of USA, at leas what was being presented to us.

On the one hand I maintained that Man is too stupid to create such an event, however after a lot of research it is clear that this event was know, maybe not by all the parties and leadership, but there was knowledge on every side of the World of this diversion and for a number what can only be termed as a ‘ritual’ I have no doubt more will be revealed of this in time to come.

While for the most of my life I have been innocently avoiding the big questions of this existence, my time was consumed with gentle wishes and prayer for Peace. I was devoted to a personal quest on the question of how and when Jesus would return to save us. In fact throughout my innocence I remember forever taking questions to Jesus in my dreams and asking sometimes him sometimes God, searching for answers. Much of this came rushing back to my memory after my awakening. Then next few years after 9/11 I spent in an altered state of mind, it is as if the event severed the umbilical cord to my relationship with God that it threw me into the World of reality where Man and his ways were truly evil.

And I saw that evil, I played with it, I challenged it, I rejected its temptation and when asked “if you could have anything what would you want?” I answered “Peace on Earth and the Kingdom of Heaven in the glory of God”.

Not a small feat to accomplish just the “Impossible Dream”…

Many questions were asked and the personal quest to bring Jesus back infused my awakening. I am in the best sense of  brother brother to Jesus, I like that notion, though we would more likely be joined together in ‘Spirit of Truth’ than in brotherly love.

What of Muhammad (Peace be upon him)? “Where is his cave?”, I recall the whisper of the judgemental. In my acceptance of the Spirit of Truth I allowed it to carry me and recall tactfully selling all of my belongings while with the Spirit guided me on a journey not sure where but to the answer I knew. It was hours away, I had to board a train and bus to get there. At the time I was living in Sydney, I travelled to Mt Kosciuszko arriving late when the mountain was being shut for the night I walked up the mountain walked through the snow and arrived at the bottom of a cave, if the snow was not of the height it was it would have been difficult to climb into it as it happened the snow allowed me to climb up and answer the question “Here is my cave!”.

I recall four Muslim brothers then coming to me with their impudence continuing to challenge me by giving me the judgemental stare into the soul, self righteous as ever, as if I was going to grace them with a response.

These are a few of the many challenges, trials and sufferings I experienced, though every challenge met was gifted with an inner depth of knowledge to the answers of Creation and plans on how to deliver the prophecy the question remained “How can I deliver righteousness onto any one of the Religions, each is in error before God for wanting to be the anointed path the one and only”.

It is at this point that I was led to the name of this movement. While there is a process which needs to be followed to continue to awaken humanity and honour our beginnings the future is such that we must accept all there is as this is the result of the creation from God and the Spirit of Truth that is shared by all. The name Optimal Unity is essentially the choice to “Opt I’m al(l) Unity”. There can be no further extension of this final movement calling humanity to unite together as one brotherhood and sisterhood.

There are many additional pearls that have been presented to me as offerings to my claim to my stake in this story, I do this as a mortal man, I take the battle to bring the prophecy to realisation and commit to this mission till my dying day and hereafter. The path will not be easy even though it could be would Man relinquish their stations and self-righteousness. Alas the War is won now to prove Man wrong through battle of wills.

So what of the ‘battle’ unlike those who seem willing to continue to sacrifice blood and souls in the name of God, this will be a battle for the hearts and minds, we are now actively looking for Warriors who are searching for a path to the mission, there are many choices to follow, we hope you will make contact if any of this story resonates with you and join us in the plan to bring Peace on Earth and the Kingdom of Heaven to its people.

“I saw in the night visions, and behold, with the clouds of heaven there came one like a son of man.” Daniel 7.13-14 some revelations that I like to add to my story is the use of ‘cloud’ in the scripture to signify the coming of the “son of man”. It is well known that New Zealand is known as the “land of the long white cloud” it has been revealed to me that my story is that this is a metaphorical representation and that the “son of man” could well begin this metaphorical mission from the “land of the long white cloud”, after all who seriously believes Jesus will fly down from the sky to deliver his return.

This metaphorical representation is important as much of the cosmic story is about symbolism and representation. Man has from the Ancients know that the Spirit can be called it can be summoned, you only have to do a small amount of research to see this symbolism.

Is it any wonder that spirit should choose New Zealand the Garden of Eden to deliver his prophesy?

While the mission is clear the path is fraught with danger, New Zealand is the safest country to be in to deliver this mission, we are not Nuclear, Our People are not armed, Our beginnings while tainted by War with the usual Colonial foe, there is a Treaty, it is judged that there is still unfairness that has been forced upon the ‘mana’ of Maoridom. We will look for way to become involved and to reconcile this force.

The Maori like all Aboriginals are spiritual people with the colonial force came Judeo-Christian teachings and the Maori responded “The missionaries despaired over many of the Maori’s responses to the Christian teachings. But it was the scriptures which provided the model for a new dimension to Maori spirituality.” (Elsmore – Mana from Heaven)

“All the prophets tried to establish a common identity for the Maori as Israelites, cutting across the tribal divisions while still accepting them historically. They drew on traditional Maori concepts of the cosmology, and particularly on the intervening role of the aria, the spirits of the ancestors, who may appear to the living in many forms. The ancestors were and are believed to speak with the mouth of the gods, and to be able to remember what has not yet happened. These Maori concepts of cyclic history were brought into the framework of the Judaeo-Christian faiths, and created the new religions. The prophets believed, like the Israelites, that God moved with people through time.” (Binney – Ancestral Voices)

“God moved with people through time” here we see more symbolism in the sense that the Jewish people themselves are not literally the chosen, God moves with People and here is why there are so many different interpretations of Scripture and the interpretation of God. There is no one truth there are many truths. Do not condemn the glory of the orchestra of faiths to any singular self-righteous supplication unless it is Love for All and All for Love.

It is uncertain when the word struck me which is essentially the creed for Optimal Unity that being Love for All All for Love, as of today there is still no hit by the search engines on this saying, so in a World where it is an ever growing challenge to be unique in thought and words it is a delight that these words are still unique to our movement.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story, please make contact if you feel inspired or moved in any way, you can make a difference.

Love for All All for Love

Josko Sestan