After watching this video it prompted me to take a break from my mission to create a self sufficient business structure that would give me the platform to do exactly what Russell is calling for…”CHANGE”. Russell is on point and the amazing thing is he is so eloquent with his words, they roll of his tongue and the thought process is well thought out and deliberated words that seem to be directly expelled from the source of us as One.

Russell is for all intense and purposes playing his part in the change…

The song from Moby comes to mind “We are all made from Stars”.

We are growing in numbers and growing in speed as someone who has had a deep epiphany to this awakening message I spend every spare moment thinking about how we could put together a actionable plan to take this awakening to the world.

With trepidation so as not to single myself for any glory my message amongst the many is to take the message and first bring change to yourself, then a Country, thereby present the alternative workable solution to which one can invite the World.

We need to take this system and use it against it self, we have the technology and we have the ability to put in safeguards to stop history repeating the failings of socialistically tainted movements. We can create an alternative, the ideas are there, we just need group purpose.