It must have been a wondrous thing to become aware of self, our sacred books declare that God uttered the words “let there be light” and there was light. How thoughtless.

I imagine there would be much trepidation in uttering the first words if you were God, how would God come to know it was God, surely there is more to this God thing than the simple explanation our religions are based on. What if thought had the same effect on existence as the uttering of words? Surely the creative absolute power of God would have the same effect in thought as it does in speaking of the words. There must be an explanation to this, God evolved.

In the light our thoughts can not manifest creation but if we were in the dark what would be presented by the realisation of thought in creation? I envisage there would be some major errors of creation at this instance, setting in motion the game of games between the originator of thought and the thougtness. From its original power thought would become self aware and self perpetuating with the originator evaluating and directing responses. What those thoughts were is surely written in the kaleidoscope of our existence.